Friday, March 11, 2005

La Reconquista de España

One year ago the first shots in the reconquest of Spain were fired. On March 11, 2004, 191 people were massacred and 1,800 wounded by Islamofascists in the train stations of Madrid, Spain. Initially, the government perpetuated a pathetic attempt to blame the bombings on ETA (Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna), the Basque separatist and, might I add, terrorist group. It didn't take long for enough facts to get out, as if it wasn't obvious all along, that the bombings were the work of jihadists. Unfortunately, the Spanish people, being the good consumers of European leftwing propaganda that they are, began to blame the Spanish government's involvement in the war in Iraq and ultimately the United States. And, given that a national election was going to be held three days later (what a coincidence!), it was no surprise that the Spanish people took advantage of a golden opportunity to emulate the French and surrendered!

In an amazing turn around in the poll numbers over a three day period, Spaniards managed to oust Prime Minister Jose Aznar of the Popular Party, a man who understands the threat of worldwide jihadism, and replace him with Jose Zapatero of the Socialist Workers' Party, a man who understands appeasement to terrorism. It was very clear from the election results that a majority of the Spanish people agreed with Zapatero to follow the example of Neville Chamberlain and answer terrorism with appeasement. So what have the Islamofascists learned from the Spanish? Simple -- attack us and we will cower before you.

The question is whether the Spanish will learn anything from the Islamofascists. All they really have to is go back a little more than five centuries in their own history when they drove the Moors out of their country to find the reason they are under attack by modern jihadists. It is not because the previous government supported the United States in Iraq -- the terrorists were working in Spain before George W. Bush was even elected to the presidency. It is well known now that since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks there have been dozens of arrests of Al-Qaeda suspects in Spain, including three of them that were charged with helping plan the attacks. But even that is not the principal reason that Spain is a prime target of modern jihadism. The fact is, under Islam, once a land is Islamic it is always, in perpetuity, Islamic. Therefore, the Islamofascists are only going after what is rightfully theirs.

To paraphrase an American phrase about race and gender, once you go Islamic ... you never go back.