Thursday, November 17, 2005

Christian Terrorism (in Hollywood)

Last night I watched an episode titled "Delta Does Detroit" of a TV series called E-Ring. I was astonished to learn of a new danger to the Muslim world: Christian Terrorism! A group of terrorists took over a mosque in Detroit to demand that the U.S. government release the brother of the leader of the group. Apparently his brother got a job as a contractor in Iraq and managed within a day of his arrival to murder two innocent civilians. Eventually the worshipers in the mosque were saved from these terrorists by some military personnel working with the FBI. (Yes, the show brought up the Posse Comitatus Act, but that is not important here)

What is important is that the "Christian terrorists" never said a thing about Christianity or used it as a justification for their actions. The reason, of course, is that Christian terrorism is a figment of the imagination of Hollywood writers (nutjobs like Eric Rudolph are not Christian). Now I realize that a show like this is fiction (if not fantasy), but if the entertainment industry is going to give us Christian terrorists, shouldn't it give us a plethora of Muslim terrorists? At least that would be more realistic. Unfortunately if would be politically incorrect and not fit in with the upside-down Hollywood world view where Christians are all right-wing zealots and Muslims are all misunderstood victims of persecution.

But really, what can you expect from an industry that glorifies suicide bombers?