Monday, March 21, 2005

Communiqué No.7

The General Headquarters of the Mujahadeen Army in Iraq has issued a communiqué to the American people. You can read the whole thing here. It is a tortured read and has a heavy does of leftist propaganda and media reports. Here are some excerpts for which I have supplied comments:
It is your right to lead the world, as it is the right of any nation which chooses to do so, yet this does not allow you to conquer others. There is a belief of a large number of our people, that a lot of facts do not reach you, facts that may be classified as unsuitable for the general public. Facts, that are twisted to gain a positive image here or there. Nothing new to an emperor who represents deceptions, lies, crimes, half victories, & total defeats. Your administration, time after time, lied & presented you with achievements directed by Hollywood & preformed in Iraq.
Obviously, these scumbags have read the rantings of the far left in Europe and the U.S. But it’s just as obvious that they don’t know anything about the politics of Hollywood!
You have elected these criminals, & thus, you are responsible for their actions. We hope that your future decisions will be based on reason & belief, for your emperor tomorrow will mirror the image of America to the world, & by his actions, will your new empire be Measured. And for the first time in history, a mafia of the weapons plants represented by Bush, Oil companies represented by Dick Chayne, & the Zionists by Paul Wolfowitz & Richard Pearle, hijack the United States of America in an ingenious plan to control the world. This type of Administration is exactly what Benjamin Franklin once warned you of.
No mention of Zionists in the first two paragraphs – must be a record! Benjamin Franklin? I guess they are referring to the Nazi fabrication "The Franklin Prophecy."

This administration, will enforce on you as it tries to enforce on our people, new laws that will result in a police state similar to those your consecutive governments back in our region. Legislation will soon be drafted by the appointed puppets to allow foreign ownership of land & structure & soon our people will be the foreigners on the land of their for-fathers. This new world order, will enslave people of all religions & race& Soon your children as well as ours, if they survive, will truly live in a planet of apes, & with a reduced population for ease of control, this can only be the implementation of a plan once presented by Henry Kissinger.
I guess they’ve been reading the Ward Churchill school of thought on the Patriot Act.
Your representatives, & their media, have portrayed an image that an insurgency is in Effect & that it is led by elements of foreign fighters entering from Syria & neighboring Countries; yet we assure you, that it is only a continuation of what Bush once claimed, “Mission Accomplished”. This resistance movement was prepared for, & is only the second chapter of this War. And we are mostly if not all Iraqis, Proud Iraqis who kept their oaths to defend people & country. And because this war may last longer than what the invaders anticipated, we have all promised to make their stay long, costly & painful. Blaming other countries, is nothing but creating new pretexts to invade other sovereign states & back future expeditions.
Now I know that they listen to the BBC, read Reuters and watch Fahrenheit 9/11.
Life under Dictatorship is far more safer, than behind the bars of your democracy.
Finally, they get to the point!
Have you not asked yourselves, where are the weapons of mass destruction, & where are the links between our previous government & the once CIA sponsored AL-Qaida? Or is that all now a thing of the past?
In Syria and on the run in the badlands of Pakistan?
What happened to the thousands of innocent people who died & continue to die of cancer, Women who give birth to deformed babies, caused by the effect of your military’s depleted Uranium shells. Since 1990, our first encounter with your troops on the battlefields, thousands on both sides of the conflict have suffered unknown illnesses, many have died since then, & others lack medical attention. Large parts of Iraq will be radioactive for millions of years to come, & if we were to return this radiating material to the U.S. & Britain, we would be no different than those who use them.
I guess they don’t know the meaning of the word depleted.
This war has taught us, that one man on the field can change the outcome of a day, One man, who believes in true freedom, can do what nations put together dare think of.
Yes, we call those men United States Marines.

If it was not for the fact that Communiqué No.7 is badly written and has an annoying use of the ampersand character, one would think that it was written by one of the cadres of the communist front organization International ANSWER!