Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bush: Pitcher? Catcher? Dhimmi?

President George W. Bush and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah had a meeting at his Crawford, Texas ranch Monday. When strolling through the Texas Bluebonnets the two were photographed holding hands. So, the questions are:

1. Are they
going steady?

2. Are they just demonstrating an Arab expression of "
friendship, respect and trust."

3. Are they "sending a real political message that they are partners and friends and intend to remain that way."

4. Did Bush insult Abdullah by using his left, or ass-wiping, hand?

5. Was
Michael Moore right?

6. Is Bush a
dhimmi or is he just playing a dhimmi?


1. Yea, right.

2. Maybe.

3. Probably.

4. No. Someone has to use the left-hand!

5. Ha! Michael Moore has never been right in his whole life.

6. Yes. But is he one or is he playing one?