Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I haven't had much time to blog recently because La Doña (my wife) and I are remodeling one of the bedrooms in the house. The house is about fifteen years old and this bedroom had just about had it! It was entirely painted in an off-white color that we repainted in what is called "red red wine." We replaced the trim and added molding around the ceiling in a beige-chamois color to offset the dark red. Then, for the fun part, we replaced the old, ratty carpet with maple laminate flooring. We were going to do a real wood floor, but when we saw that laminate wood flooring was cheaper, almost as good looking and ten times easier to clean and install (the slats are glueless and just snap together!) -- we went for it!

The photo sucks, but the room is only 130 square feet so I couldn't get a decent overall view of it. Anyway, here it is: