Thursday, December 29, 2005

Erich von Däniken Is Right!

Convicted criminal, proven liar and con-man Erich von Däniken is right! I know for a fact that aliens did visit the earth in the distant past because I have seen the landing site with my own eyes. And now, due to the miracle of modern technology known as the digital camera, you can see the same thing I did. As seen in the following photo that I took a few days ago, there is a clear landing strip in Nazca, Peru that only can be seen from outer space (or a small Cessna from an altitude of a little more than 1,000 meters). There is even the figure of a large bird pointing at the landing site so even the most imcompetent of aliens could find it. See for yourself:

Apparently the local inhabitants actually saw the aliens that came down in the spacecraft. It seems that they looked a bit like earthly spiders as shown below:

Like everyone else in the world (who is not trying to make money off of wild theories), I really have no clue who made the Nazca Lines. But they are huge!