Saturday, June 11, 2005

Who Is The Real Star?

Noted Hollywood actor Sean Penn, member of Maoist anti-war front group Not In Our Name, supporter of web-based leftwing activist network, fellow traveler of moonbat anti-war activist Medea Benjamin, and all-around useful idiot, is continuing his "other" career as a journalist by visiting Iran on a brief assignment for the San Francisco Chronicle. Penn is covering the upcoming June 17th presidential election and undoubtedly will use his vast knowledge of Iran, his fluency in Farsi and his far-reaching education in Middle Eastern politics and foreign relations to do his job.
Penn, who has written at length about a visit to Iraq for the paper, was spotted in Tehran on Friday at a prayer service as worshippers chanted "Death to America." Penn, 44, confirmed he was in Iran to cover the June elections. Using a translator, “Penn took copious notes as hardline cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati urged the congregation to vote en masse ‘to make America angry,’” acccording to Reuters. The actor told Reuters he had decided to come to Iran because of growing tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Sean Penn checking out Friday prayers in Tehran.

Sean Penn carefully listening to chants of "Death to America."

Now, does any sane person really believe that Sean Penn has a clue about what is causing the "growing tensions between Washington and Tehran?" Does his ability to act and read lines from a script make him any more knowledgeable about Iran than the average American on the street? Has his previous stint as a "journalist" in Iraq for the Chronicle earned him the right to displace real journalists that have been denied the necessary accreditation from the Iranian authorities to cover the elections?

You must remember that this is the same Sean Penn that went to Iraq in December, 2002, before the war, for his "obligation to (at least attempt to) find my own voice on matters of conscience" and to "pursue a deeper understanding of this frightening conflict." I guess that he couldn't find his "voice on matters of conscience" for a government that built palaces while children went without medicine and food. And I guess a "deeper understanding" of a fascist dictatorship propped up by an internal security system modeled after that of Stalin was not possible for Penn.

Sean Penn in pre-war Iraq, November 2002. What you don't see in the picture is his Iraqi "minder."

With the constant barrage of political idiocy coming out of the mouths of Hollywood stars (believe me, Sean Penn is by far not the worst), one would believe that they are all far-left politically and even anti-American. In fact, many of them are. Whether it is Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, Tim Robbins or a plethora of others too numerous to name, many of them actually support political movements that would not allow for their libertine lifestyles if implemented. But they still support them with money and sometimes their own valuable time. Although I guess you can't expect too much from a group of people in which, except for a very few, a high school diploma is the highest educational achievement reached!

Once in a while though, one of them shows that not only does he have a heart, but actually puts his money where his mouth is (and shuts up about it)! Take a look at the following pictures:

Denzel Washington with some of the troops on a visit to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio,Texas.

Denzel Washington meeting with a patient at Brooke Army Medical Center.

Star fulfills vow to Fisher House

Months after visiting a military hospital and promising to help families of wounded U.S. soldiers, actor Denzel Washington has come through in a big way.

Washington gave one of the biggest donations ever made to Fisher House Foundation Inc., which operates guest facilities for families with loved ones recuperating in military hospitals, an official at the nonprofit said Wednesday.

Washington and his wife also accepted the foundation's invitation to serve on its board of trustees, he said.

The actor's involvement with Fisher House resulted from a stop six months ago at Brooke Army Medical Center, where many troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have been treated for injuries.

During the December visit, after learning Fisher House provides inexpensive lodging and other support for recuperating soldiers' families, Washington vowed to help the organization.

Now who is the real star here?

Oh, by the way Sean, Mr. Washington actually graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in Journalism.