Sunday, February 05, 2006

Evo Morales Not Only Dresses Like an Idiot, He Is An Idiot

Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos recently interviewed new Bolivian president Evo Morales. Actually I should say that Ramos attempted to interview Morales, because it didn't turn out like Ramos must have expected (as one can see by his facial expressions) and it didn't last very long. If you speak Spanish you can watch a video of the entire but short interview over at Barcepundit. If not, here is a translated transcript of the interview supplied by Fausta’s Blog:

Jorge Ramos (JR): What many fear is that you might imitate Chávez's authoritarianism or Castro's dictatorship. You've said that you admire Castro.
Evo Morales (EM): I ask for respect. They have a democracy [in Cuba] . . .
JR: (startled)
EM: . . . I've seen . . .
JR: Excuse me, you're telling me there's democracy in Cuba?
EM: Well, yes, if Fidel Castro's there, it's for the revolution.
JR: It's a very simple question: to you, is Fidel Castro a dictator or not?
EM: No, to me, he's a democratic man, who defends life, who thinks about the human being. If you think he's a dictator that's your problem, it's not my problem.
JR: You came to power through the power of vote, and you don't ask for democracy for Cubans?
EM: I demand much respect. Don't call me a hypocrite.
JR: I ask you, is that hypocritical?
EM: The hypocrisy surely comes from your questions. I demand much respect. Ask questions . . .
JR: It's a question
EM: . . . ask questions on my country's situation . . . You're turning this into an international confrontation and I won't allow it.
JR: (narrating) As Morales requested, we talked about Bolivia but when we got to the delicate subject of drug trafficking he ended the interview.
EM: (standing up)
JR: We have six minutes, forty questions . . .
EM: That's not my fault.

Yes, Morales is a real tool. Is he so vacuous that he really believes that Cuba is democratic and that Castro is not a dictator? Or is he just a hypocrite trying to play some sly game of public brown-nosing for the benefit of his mentors Castro and Hugo Chávez? Personally I think he’s nothing more than a classless idiot with a bad haircut and a penchant for wearing an Alpaca sweater that looks like he picked it up in a Salvation Army bin.