Friday, February 17, 2006

Jill Edwards, Student Dunce

Jill Edwards is a student at The University of Washington. Jill Edwards is also a student senator at The University of Washington. Now, after reading the minutes of the February 7th general Senate meeting, Jill Edwards demonstrates that she is also a dunce (that's ignoramus for you dunces).

When discussing a resolution to call for a tribute for Col. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, USMC, the minutes of the meeting state that she "didn’t believe a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person UW wanted to produce." Since Ms. Edwards doesn’t believe that a person who endured lousy food, primitive living conditions, hardship, torture and imminent death in service to his country and in defense of his fellow citizens isn’t “an example of the sort of person UW wanted to produce,” perhaps she was thinking of some other sort of person that UW actually has produced. For example, how about Dawn Wells, the one and only Mary Ann of Gilligan’s Island? I’m sure Boyington’s war-time experiences on real Pacific islands were nothing compared to her time on that fictional Hollywood island. Or how about Kitty Kelley, the "queen" of unauthorized biographies? I’m sure it is much more harrowing to dig up dirt on the rich and famous than it is to actually live a harrowing life as did Col. Boyington!

The real issue here should be is Jill Edwards “the sort of person” that UW wants to produce?